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Professional solar panel installation is an easy way to lower your energy bills and increase the value of your Pleasant Hill home. If you’re looking for a solar panel company Pleasant Hill, CA to help you get started, contact the team at One & Only Electrical Services. Our solar panel installation company comes highly rated in Pleasant Hill and throughout the Contra Costa County area. Call us today at (925) 989-5266 to make an appointment for your home solar system installation. 

There are many benefits to residential solar panel installation. As briefly mentioned above, solar panels can save you money on your energy bills. This is because solar panels are connected to an electricity grid and produce their energy by converting direct sunlight into electricity. This renewable energy source continues to grow in popularity not only here in Pleasant Hill, California but around the globe, as more and more homeowners are turning to solar panel installation companies Pleasant Hill, CA to reduce their carbon footprint. Professional home solar panel installation Pleasant Hill, CA can reduce carbon emissions by about 80 percent. 

Solar panel company Pleasant Hill CA

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Homeowners in California can save nearly $50,000 over 20 years by getting solar panels installed on their homes. If you’re looking to save money, there’s never been a better time to call a Pleasant Hill solar panel installation near me. Contact us today to make an appointment and keep more money in your wallet. 

Another huge benefit of installing solar panels on your Pleasant Hill home is that they require little to no maintenance. Most solar panels can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, which ultimately makes it a huge selling point if you ever decide to sell your home. With the lure of lower utility bills and minimal maintenance, solar panels increase the value of your home by a few thousand dollars. This huge selling point could help you sell your home faster. 

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On average, it takes one to five days to install solar panels on your property. Of course, this time frame may vary depending on the size of your home and how many solar panels you’re getting installed. Oftentimes, homeowners will ask us how many solar panels they need, and the answer is that it depends. We typically look over your electricity consumption across 12 months to determine how much energy you use and then divide that number by 12. The number of solar panels you need may also depend on where you live. For example, homes that get a lot of natural light, may not need as many solar panels whereas those in cloudier, colder climates may need more to achieve the same desired result.

Solar panel installation Pleasant Hill CA

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These are all questions that our team will answer when you call us for a consultation. If you own a commercial business, don’t think you’re left out of the mix. One & Only Electrical Services is proud to offer commercial solar panel installation Pleasant Hill, CA, as well. Commercial business owners can even receive tax incentives and breaks for having solar panels installed. 

Between reducing your carbon footprint, saving money, and increasing the value of your home or commercial property, there are countless reasons to look for Pleasant Hill solar panel installation companies near me. When you’re ready, the team at One & Only Electrical Services is here to help. Contact us today at (925) 989-5266. In the meantime, go ahead and check out our gallery for photos of what to expect from our highly-rated solar panel installation services. We look forward to helping you save money! Make an appointment today. 

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