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Getting your electrical panel replaced or repaired is an incredibly involved process that can bring some greatly needed improvements to the electrical wiring in your house. Some of the signs that you may need an electrical panel repair include your outlets not working the way they used to and consistent lighting problems in your home. You should have your electrical panel inspected regularly to not only prevent power interruptions but to also prevent serious hazards that can cause fires. Getting this repaired or replaced helps you not only have consistent power flowing through your home but helps protect you and your family from potential harm.

Electrical panel installation Moraga CA

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A new electrical panel installation not only improves the electrical current in your house but also makes it safe from fire hazards, reduces your homeowner’s insurance bill, provides an opportunity to add more circuits to your house through a sub panel install, and it increases your home’s resale value. An electrical panel installation takes on average about six hours to complete and helps keep your electrical wiring up to date. Call the team at One & Only Electrical Services when you need electrical panel/sub panel upgrade/install repair services. We’re proud to offer same-day services at an affordable rate. We can be reached by phone at 925-989-5266 or via email at info@oneandonlyelectricals.com. We’re available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-6:00 pm. Make an appointment for your electrical panel installation Moraga, CA or electrical panel upgrade Moraga, CA today. 

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An electrical panel install, as previously mentioned, is a very involved process that requires a professional to handle. The process involves first checking the feeder wires for power, then opening the knockouts on the circuit box, mounting the circuit breaker panel, installing the main service wires, connecting the main ground wire, connecting the main service neutral, connecting the main breaker, pulling wires for the branch circuits, connecting the branch circuit ground wires, and connecting the branch circuit breakers.

When you’re in search of a company that offers Moraga electrical panel upgrade near me or top-rated electrical sub panel installation Moraga, CA, there’s no one better to turn to than the electricians at One & Only Electrical Services. Our owner works on every project we get hired for. Besides being fully licensed and insured, all of our electricians go through a thorough background check. If you want to join our newsletter for all the latest tips, tricks, and updates, sign up here. 

Electric panel repair Moraga CA

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One & Only Electrical Services offers several services when it comes to electrical panel installation, repair, or replacement. These services include:

  • New grounding systems
  • Sub panels
  • Service mast repairs
  • Whole house surge protection devices
  • Replacing the weather head
  • Meter Base repairs and replacement
  • Electrical panel upgrade and renovations
  • Label household circuits on existing panels
  • and much more!

Simply put, there’s no electrical issue we can’t handle. Call One & Only Electrical Services today at 925-989-5266 to make an appointment for all your sub-panel-related needs. We offer prompt, reliable service designed to provide solutions to all your electrical panel issues. Whether an upgrade, installation, or repair, we can help. 

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