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If the wires inside your home are like the veins, then your electrical panel is the heart that makes it function. Your home’s sub panel is an extension of the main electrical panel, which provides electricity to your entire house. What makes the sub panel so important is that it controls electricity to specific rooms in the house. Have the lights suddenly gone off while you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen? Chances are, you went to your home’s sub panel box to restore it.

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Though you may have flipped the fuse to your kitchen or other rooms in your house after a sudden power outage, the reality is that doing anything more than that yourself can be quite risky. Many homeowners may try to take a DIY approach to upgrade their panel box or make repairs, but tasks like these require the skill and experience that only comes from an electrical panel repair Lafayette, CA company like One & Only Electrical Services

Whether you need electrical panel/sub panel upgrade/install/repair services or something else, the fully licensed and insured electricians from One & Only Electrical Services can help. Contact us today at 925-989-5266 to make an appointment. We offer same-day service, as well as 24/7 emergency response when necessary. 

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Oftentimes, homeowners in Lafayette, CA may decide to upgrade their house by adding a new pool, hot tub, or entertainment center in the form of a home theater. While these things are great for adding a touch of relaxation and entertainment to your home, many homeowners may fail to realize that their installation of them requires an electrical panel upgrade Lafayette, CA.

Anything that uses electricity will require a Lafayette electrical panel upgrade near me. So, if you install something new, you’ll have to reach out to a professional to upgrade your sub panel box so the electricity knows where to go, and so it can handle all that extra juice.

Electrical panel installation Lafayette CA

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Maybe you’re not installing something new like a hot tub, but rather need a new sub-panel box installed in your new home. If this is the case, you will benefit from the knowledgeable electrical panel install team at One & Only Electrical Services. Electrical panel installation involves checking the feeder wires, connecting the wires to the main breaker, and much more. New electrical panel installation is dangerous to complete yourself and requires an electrical sub panel installation Lafayette, CA professional from One & Only Electrical Services. 

Aside from sub panel install, there may also come a time when you need electrical panel repair. Sometimes, a local power surge may lead to issues, or you discover that your circuit breaker is tripping constantly. These issues are too dangerous to fix yourself, especially without the proper tools and knowledge of what’s causing the issue. Sometimes, you may not know what’s going on, which is why a call to a trained professional for electrical troubleshooting is so helpful. Our team can diagnose the issue quickly. If you run into these issues, contact One & Only Electrical Services for help: (925) 989-5266. 

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